Alanna J Brown

My Music

Here you can find some of my original music and lyrics. To hear more check out my Spotify through the player below. 

“One by one the stars align peaking through the tallest pine.”
-  Oliver

“Every night I’ll walk through rivers and streams; whatever it means to be with you. When I’m tired I’ll sleep on forests of leaves, and sift through my dreams ‘till I find you.”
-  Whatever It Means

“Floating alongside the river weightless and tired of hearing the cries from the winter. Embodied by the chill of the water’s cold shiver. My mind is alive with the rippling currants that quiver.”
-  The River

“Trees are dancing to the beat of your blood”
-  Storm

“The nights in here are cold – you shiver while you sleep. The walls are very old and secrets they do keep.”
-  McKay House

“In my room the air is stale. The space is hollow; the walls are frail. In my room I’m not alone. My pillows are stained with your cologne.”
-  In My Room

“Pushing the boundaries in my mind. I’m weaving you into my design”.
-  Mulled Wine

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