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Weddings & Elopements

Looking to add the magical touch of live music to your big day? Alanna has performed over countless weddings, proposals and elopements. Alanna specializes in luxury weddings, however she is always excited to play backyard elopements as well. She loves to learn your favourite songs in order to give you a memorable and heartfelt celebration. She provides all of the equipment required for amazing amplified sound no matter if your venue is indoor or outdoor. 

How it works...

Pick and choose any of the categories below for a personalized, magical musical experience. Looking for the whole package? I'm more than happy to perform all four sections of your wedding. 


Traditional/modern/religious/hiking backcountry/ at a cabin on a lake/ in your favourite restaurant etc… Alanna has you covered. Let her set the mood for your guests by playing soft instrumental guitar as they arrive. She learns 3 songs of your choice: processional, signing of papers and recessional. Alanna coordinates the lengths of the songs based on the number of loved ones you have in your processional. She'll make sure the most magical parts of your favourite songs are heard at the right time to create the perfect ceremony. 

Cocktail Hour

Alanna has an extensive list of classic wedding cocktail music including jazz, folk, indie, Motown, country, rock and pop. She will give you a call so you can discuss favourite bands/genres/songs. She likes to tailor the music to your liking because after all, this is your big day!

Dinner Music

Alanna coordinates with your MC to create seamless transitions between live background dinner music and speeches/announcements. Your guests will enjoy the luxury of eating dinner while listening to unique renditions of their favourite songs.

First Dances 

Imagine dancing to an intimate concert of your all-time favourite sentimental songs. Alanna learns 3 songs of your choice. She makes recordings of exactly how the song will sound on your big day and sends them to you a week prior to your wedding so that there will be no surprises when it comes to your dances. She will arrange the timing of songs so they’re at a comfortable dancing pace and length. Alanna finds this is the best way to calm nerves and help you feel confident when all eyes will be on you.

Connect with Alanna to discuss pricing, repertoire and available packages. 

Photos by: Rocky Mountain Weddings & Elopements, Drew Butler Photography

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